the law office of Ellen T. Chadwell

The Law Office of Ellen T. Chadwell was formed in 2009 and the firm’s mission is simple---to provide quality and affordable legal and consulting services to individuals, businesses, and public entities in the areas of real property law, condemnation, civil litigation, governmental disputes, ad valorem taxation and family law.


    The firm’s mission is simple---to provide quality and affordable legal and consulting services to both private and public clients. Fundamental to this mission is understanding all aspects of the client’s problem, needs and objectives, and then considering both legal and practical solutions to meet these objectives.

    A complete understanding of a client’s needs requires an investment of time and effort by both the attorney and the prospective client and starts with the initial consultation. As evidence of our commitment to understanding what every client needs, my firm provides an initial consultation at no cost.

    In addition, I offer billing limits on all attorney-client teleconferences and meetings because of my belief that the standard practice of billing a client for every moment s/he speaks with the attorney often discourages a client from spending the time necessary to provide the attorney with a full and complete understanding of the case and the ultimate objectives of the client.

    Although attorneys are known for their command of language, they are often guilty of failing to promote full and open communication with their clients. A client who is informed about the legal issues and the process has a more satisfying experience with the legal system. To that end, my role as a legal advisor and advocate includes educating the client not only about their case and the possible outcomes, but also about the legal procedures, substantive law governing the matters at issue, and all potential remedies available to the client.

    My firm maintains flexible hours to accommodate client's needs and provides after hours access to your attorney. In our effort to provide affordable legal services, the firm offers fixed fees in most non-litigation matters, and will consider contingency fee arrangements in certain cases.


    Litigation still remains the most costly and unpleasant means of resolving conflict in our society, and can drain a client financially and emotionally. Where a client’s objectives may be obtained through non-legal means, or where the cost of legal remedies exceeds the potential recovery, our firm considers alternative non-legal remedies and, when available, presents them to the client. Before you decide on an attorney to assist you with your problem, be certain you understand your options.


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